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ParentingHumor is dedicated to the lighter side of parenting. We all know that being a parent is NOT an easy gig. There are plenty of info sites, teachers, books, magazines and TV shows bursting to tell you what you're doing wrong. Geeeeesh!

But's ok to let down your guard a laugh a little (or alot). We'd love for you to share your funny stories too. We don't expect you to be a professional writer--just a parent wanting to reach out and make a peer smile.

We're proud to be the Unofficial Guide to Parental Laughter! We're all parents too! Even grandparents! We are all working at home and volunteering here at We are in the trenches  with you. And when we stumble to our desks with spit up on our shirts and a coffee mug clenched in our grubby hand we don't wanna hear tips on how to have  perfectly disciplined kids (it's just NOT gonna happen), or how to make pancakes shaped like zoo animals (how about using a cookie cutter on a PopTart? Will that do?)...... We just wanna survive!

Slumber Party Essentials

Slumber Party Time

Don't be put off by the idea of a slumber party. They are noisy and inconvenient for the grown-ups, but great fun for the kids. In terms of preparation, a slumber party is a snap. Here are the basics:

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Cooking with Kids

Bread Sculpture

1. Process: Mix the water, sugar and yeast in a bowl until the yeast softens (2-3 min).

Bread Sculpture Directions Con't

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Latest Submissions

Warning: Childhood Toilet Experiments Gone Wrong

Warning: Eight-year olds don't understand that the risk of disaster grows exponentially when science experiments involve a toilet.

At least my son didn't. When he was eight, he decided that the bathroom was his laboratory and he performed meticulous, detailed experiments to determine exactly how much toilet paper can be stuffed, crammed and otherwise flushed down the toilet.

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Candy Cane Confusion

My two-year-old son was not quite sure what to make of Santa Claus. As the line grew shorter and we got closer to the jolly old fellow, my son got quiet and squeezed my hand a little tighter.
What are you going to ask Santa for? I whispered in his ear.
No response.

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Boys Will Definitely Be Boys

My sons were born in the late 1970?s. By then we were all well entrenched in the most recent movement of equal rights for women. Men were discovering it was okay to cry. We all were beginning to self-help our way into a belief that men and women were supposed to feel the same way and act the same way all of the time. I was okay; you were okay.
My older son, at the age of two, dispelled most of this unisex philosophy rather quickly.

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